Bone health for ageing well

I became interested in bone health when I was thinking of becoming an accountant!

Volunteering as a treasurer for the Royal Osteoporosis Society helped me learn about the importance of taking care of your bones throughout your life.

I learnt how diet has a key role in healthy bones and I changed my career path to Nutrition.

Food for bone health

There are a lot of misconceptions about bone health and osteoporosis such as “only women get osteoporosis”.

Building awareness of the role of food in building strong bones and preventing osteoporosis can help people to maintain the health of their bone health.

I am a registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. Through my volunteering with the Royal Osteoporosis Society and masters in Human Nutrition I have learnt more how the food you eat can affect your bones.

What I’ve been doing

I have been volunteering with the Royal Osteoporosis Society since 2017 and now I help to host online meetings to support people who are living with osteoporosis or want to know more about bone health.

I have written some blog articles on Medium and done a youtube food video. I take part in research and keeping up to date with my nutrition knowledge.



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