• 30th Anniversary of the Manchester Central support group

    The year 2024 marks 30 years of the Manchester Central Support Group of the Royal Osteoporosis Society. From our beginnings at Crumpsall Hospital in 1994 to online Zoom meetings in 2024. We continue to share information about osteoporosis and bone health.  Offering a friendly and welcoming space for people to support each other and ask…

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  • Can I get vitamin D from the sun if I am inside sitting by the window on a sunny day?

    It’s a sunny day and you are feeling the sun on your skin, but is it enough to get Vitamin D? You can get Vitamin D from sunlight but it depends In the UK you can get vitamin D from sun light if: So the answer is no, you can’t get vitamin D from sunshine…

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  • 4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Bone Health as You Age

    4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Bone Health as You Age

    Ageing is inevitable but breaking a bone does not have to be. As you age your bones age too and over time they will become weaker. Looking after your bones can help you to keep moving and maintain your independence. These 4 tips will help to keep your bones strong: 1. Engage in weight-bearing exercises…

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