How to get nutrition work experience: Royal Osteoporosis Society

Learning new skills to enhance job prospects Tanya talks about how the Royal Osteoporosis Society has helped her gain work experience in nutrition.

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Good times at the Manchester Central Support Group Meeting

In 2017 I became the Vice-Treasurer for the Central Manchester Support Group for the Royal Osteoporosis Society. The group have been very welcoming and supported my change from accounting to nutrition. As a result, I have been able to get nutrition work experience that I really enjoy and value.

My volunteering role

At first I was looking for work experience as I wanted to work in accounting. I found the volunteer post on the Manchester Community Central website and applied. Shortly after I became the groups Vice-Treasurer.

The main part of my role is looking after the groups finances. I attend group meetings (10 per year). In addition, I attend training and conferences. During the meetings I can hear talks about bone health, first aid and even listen to wonderful music from a live choir.

I started my Masters in Human Nutrition in late 2017 which meant I had to balance my study and volunteering responsibilities. The group was flexible regarding my volunteering hours and would fill me in on what I had missed.

Making the most of opportunities

I became more involved with fundraising doing the 206 challenge with the Manchester groups chairman. I attended the EU Falls Festival 2018 which is an annual international conference about technology in the prediction, prevention and detection of falls. Following the talk I made my first presentation to the group about new an upcoming technologies in falls prevention.

This year I got the opportunity to be a speaker* at a group meeting and talk about Nutrition, Osteoporosis and Recipes. I created a new recipe spicy sardine tortilla . It contains calcium and vitamin D as these nutrients are important for bone health. It is quick and easy to prepare even as a meal for one person. (*postponed due to COVID-19).

Why volunteer?

Volunteering has helped me to gain more confidence in my abilities. For example, I discovered that I really enjoy creating and presenting talks. As a result of being part of the group I have found new opportunities and met great people. Most importantly, work experience can help you to try things out of your comfort zone. Therefore, this can help you to find opportunities that you would have otherwise missed. If you haven’t volunteered before give it a try as it will benefit you. You will learn so much that employers won’t be able to wait to snap you up.

More information on volunteering

Visit the Royal Osteoporosis Society for volunteering and support group events

Volunteering opportunities in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Please visit Volunteer Centre page at Manchester Community Central

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